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Jesse needs to approve all travel before you begin making travel arrangements

Things that need Jesse's approval:

  • 1) Out-of-State Travel Request
  • 2) Travel Payment Voucher


1. Notify Bo Winters at least 30 days before travel date

  • Create a JIRA issue, Example: "James | Arizona | 6/10-6/20/2017"
    • In the description box include what the purpose of your travel is, and include a link to the agenda/program (if there is one)
    • Make sure to assign the issue to Bo and make yourself the reporter
    • Bo will upload all needed documents to the travel issue in JIRA
      • Travel Instructions (this form)
      • Out-of-State Travel Request form
      • Travel Reimbursement form
      • Note- I work with Roxie to make sure the forms are functioning properly, so they are regularly updated. It’s important you use the form I upload, because it is the most recent form
    • When uploading document to JIRA please name them appropriately. For example, “Completed-Travel-Reimbursement”
      • Upload all of your receipts together as one pdf document and name them “Receipts”
      • Once you have competed the “Out-of-State Travel Request” or “Travel Reimbursement” forms, delete the blank documents from the JIRA issue to keep things clean.

2. Complete the Out-of-State Travel Request form

  • First, complete the Out-of-State Travel Request form.
    • List all expected expenses: transportation, lodging, registration fees, per diem, etc.
      • You need to discuss per diem with Jesse prior to your trip- indicate on the Out-of-State Travel Request form how much per diem you are requesting and what the daily rate of per diem is for the location of your travel.
      • Per diem calculator: [1]
    • If you are going to a meeting/workshop you will need to include a copy of the agenda/itinerary or a link to agenda/itinerary.
    • Upload the Out-of-State Travel Request form to JIRA and notify Bo.
      • If you would like a more convenient method than using campus equipment to scan documents, I recommend purchasing the app TurboScan to use your phone as a scanner.
    • Once signed by Jesse, Bo will submit the Out-of-State Travel Request form to Roxie for processing.
    • After Roxie has recreated the form using the university system, she will give you the new form to review. Upload this new form to the JIRA Issue.
    • International Travel – please go to bottom
      • Everyone in the Poland lab is required to purchase international health insurance. It is a reimbursable expense, so be sure to keep receipts and submit for reimbursement. Page 4 has instructions for purchasing international health insurance.

3. Complete the Kansas State University Faculty Leave Report (Graduate students are not required to complete this form)

  • Complete the Kansas State University Faculty Leave Report (pictured below). Bo and Haley have some in their office and you can also get them from the main office.
    • Graduate students are not required to complete this form.

4. Purchase Ticket/Lodging

  • If the grant that is funding your trip is federally funded and you are flying internationally you are required to fly via a US flag air carrier service, more info here: [2]
    • If you are unable to fly via a US flag air carrier service, you must speak with Roxie as she will need to fill out an exception form proving/stating why.
  • Your plane ticket can be purchased using Roxie’s card as long as you purchase the ticket 21 days before your trip. It is important you upload receipts to JIRA from purchases made using Roxie’s BPC.
    • If you fail to book your ticket(s) at least 21 days before your trip (unless there are extenuating circumstances) you will be responsible for purchasing the ticket(s) personally and you will not be eligible for reimbursement unless you have approval from Jesse.

5. Upload Copies of all receipts to Travel Issue in JIRA

  • Save all original receipts from your trip and upload copies to JIRA.
    • Airfare
    • Lodging
    • Taxis, Rental Car, Gas, etc.
  • Hard copies of electronic receipts are only acceptable if you did not receive a tangible receipt.

6. Complete Travel Reimbursement Form

  • Complete & upload Employee Travel Reimbursement & Receipts to JIRA.
    • Make sure to account for transportation (how you got to and from hotel, etc.). If you stayed in a room with anyone or took a taxi with anyone you need to make sure you have noted this on the form.
  • Provide Travel Reimbursement form along with following documents to Roxie for processing:
    • Plane Tickets
    • Hotel Receipts
    • Other Receipts (taxi, rental, gas, etc.)
    • You must have a receipt in order to receive reimbursement for an expense

7. Review Travel Payment Voucher

  • Once Roxie has processed your travel documents she will give you the Travel Payment Voucher.
    • Upload this form to JIRA and notify Bo
    • Once the form has been signed by Jesse, Bo will submit the approved form to and you should receive your reimbursement via direct deposit in 2-4 weeks.

8. For the following airports, aviation security enhancements require that all personal electronic devices larger than a cell phone or smart phone be placed in checked baggage where flights are departing for the United States:

  • Queen Alia International Airport (AMM)
  • Cairo International Airport (CAI)
  • Ataturk International Airport (IST)
  • King Abdul-Aziz International Airport (JED)
  • King Khalid International Airport (RUH)
  • Kuwait International Airport (KWI)
  • Mohammed V Airport (CMN)
  • Hamad International Airport (DOH)
  • Dubai International Airport (DXB)
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)