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[[UAS HTP Data Analysis]]
[[UAS HTP Data Analysis]]
[[Media:CAMERAS_README.txt|Cameras README]]
== Research Methods ==
== Research Methods ==

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Welcome to the Poland Lab Wiki!

General Lab Information

Lab Procedures

Reading List

Travel Instructions



Genotyping Procedures

Lab protocols

NGS Ordering

GBS Data Management

High-Throughput Phenotyping Procedures

UAS Phenotyping and Aerial Image Acquisition Procedures

UAS Phenotyping and Aerial Image Acquisition Procedure for DJI

UAS Data Management Procedures

UAS HTP Data Analysis

Cameras README

Research Methods

Genomic Selection



Connecting to the Database

Wheatgenetics Database Quick Start Guide

Connecting to the Database with R

Genotyping Database

Land-based High-Throughput Phenotyping Database

UAV High-Throughput Phenotyping Database

Manual Phenotyping Database

Seed and Plant Database

CIMMYT Wheat Breeding Database

CIMMYT Database Import File Interface Specifications


Tassel 5 GBS v2 Pipeline sample script for calling SNPs using reference genome


The links below provide access to the user manuals for the Toshiba Stake Printer and the Zebra Label Printer.

If you encounter problems while using the printers please refer to the Troubleshooting section in the relevant user manual.

Toshiba Stake Printer User Manual

Zebra Printer User Manual


How to Submit GBS Data to the NCBI Sequence Read Archive (SRA)