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[https://wheatgenetics.k-state.edu Wheat Genetics]
* [https://wheatgenetics.k-state.edu Wheat Genetics]
[http://fieldphenomics.org/ Field Phenomics]
* [http://fieldphenomics.org/ Field Phenomics]

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Welcome page for new members of the Wheat Genetics lab.

Starting off


  • Get your headshot taken for the website and write a bio for your profile (Contact Haley)
  • Sign up for a K-State e-ID
  • Get your K-State ID from the student union
    • The assistants in the Plant Pathology main office will have a form to take to the Student Union ID Center to get your ID
    • The union is located at 918 N. 17th Street
  • Get keys for your office and the building. Once you have your K-State ID, Diana Pavlisko will give you forms.
  • Contact Bruce Ramundo (bar@ksu.edu) for safety training


  • JIRA, our online project management (Contact Mark or Trevor)
  • Lab Dropbox
  • Beocat
  • Database/Navicat (Contact Mark)
  • Poland lab wiki
  • Piwigo (contact Haley)
  • Google Lab calendar and Jesse’s Google calendar (contact Haley)
  • Lab listserv (contact Mark)


  • External hard drive should be used to backup data
  • Read the documentation on the Poland lab wiki page about general lab procedures and database usage


  • Familiarize yourself with the PhenoApps used in the lab and read the manuals for Field Book, Inventory, Coordinate, and 1KK


  • Ask Byron or one of the senior grad students to show you where our greenhouses, cold rooms and labs are

Add room numbers

International Students


  • Inventory of all equipment is available on JIRA
  • Barcodes will be on all tablets, cameras, drones, gps, computers, screens, balances, barcode scanners, external hard drives
  • Check out all equipment when using it, check back in when done
    • Report technical issues
    • Plan accordingly


  • Let Haley know at least ONE month before any international travel and the equipment that needs to be ordered. This is a university requirement.
  • If you don’t meet these deadlines you will be required to pay for the travel yourself and be reimbursed at a later time
  • Requesting equipment for travel must be done

Seed Inventory

  1. Obtain cold room info and box ID from database (query)
  2. Check out box in JIRA
  3. Get box from cold room
  4. Take the seed you need
  5. Use the inventory app to scan all envelopes in the seed box again (use same box number as indicated on label if possible)
  6. Record how much seed you’re taking (seed number or g) by using scale when scanning
  7. Return box to cold room within ONE week
  8. Upload new seed inventory to database

A detailed presentation on plant and seed inventory procedures is available from the link below:

Plant and Seed Inventory Procedures

  • Contact Byron for undergrad help if needed or do it yourself if it’s only a handful of boxes

GRA Responsibilities

  • Upload all data to database (seed, DNA, plants, tissue, etc.)
  • If you have help with inventorying seed make sure the box actually makes it back to the appropriate cold room
  • Make your labels for plant stakes and seed packages, plant and crosses
  • Coordinate with Byron for undergrad help
  • Data collection:
    • Use tablets, drones or whatever digital platform of choice
    • Format your data to match the database standards
    • Upload your data or data from collaborators to the database by the end of each week



  • Long distance phone calls on lab/office phones: dial 9 + 1 + the number, after the the dial tone, press 9577641
  • Connect with the lab printer. Our lab printer is located in room 4308. Here are details to connect:
    • HP LaserJet MFP M426fdn (C03148)
    • IP:
    • Host name: PP-4308-436fdn
  • Update Google doc with current contact information
  • Sign up for K-State alerts: https://www.k-state.edu/safety/alerts/
  • All presentations you give should added to the lab presentations google doc and a pdf of the presentation should be stored here