How to Submit GBS Data to the NCBI Sequence Read Archive (SRA)

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Create a BioProject

Login to the NCBI Submission Portal: and click on New Submission. Then fill out the following sections. After each section, click “Continue” to move on to the next section:

  1. Submitter
  2. Project Type
    • Project data type: Check “Phenotype or Genotype.”
    • Sample scope: “Select Multiisolate.”
  3. Target
    • Organism name: e.g. Triticum aestivum
  4. General Info
    • Release date: Choose either “Release immediately following processing” or “Release on specified date or upon publication, whichever is first” and enter a Projected release date.
    • Project title: Enter a title of your choosing.
    • Public description: Provide a paragraph of the study goals and relevance.
    • Is your project part of a larger initiative which is already registered with NCBI? Select Yes or No. If yes, enter the "Initiative description" and the "BioProject accession" of the larger initiative to which this project belongs.
  5. BioSample
    • Click on “Continue.” You will be able to create a BioSample after you finish creating this BioProject.
  6. Publications
    • Enter a PubMed ID or DOI if available.
  7. Review & Submit
    • Review all the information and click “Submit” if everything looks ok. If anything looks wrong, you can go back to any section by clicking on its respective tab at the top.

Create BioSample

Create Sequence Read Archive Submission