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(HTP Database Table Structure)
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== PheMU HTP Database  ==
== HTP Database Table Structures ==
== HTP Database Table Structures ==
[[phemu_htp table]]
[[phemu_htp table]]

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The High-Throughput Phenotyping database consists of a set of platform-specific tables for each data collection platform: pheMU, phenocart and phenocam. Each platform has an images table, an htp table and a run table.

  • The images table stores metadata about the images that were collected during each data collection run.
  • The htp table stores metadata about sensor measurements (observations) that were collected during each run.
  • The run table stores information about each data collection run such as date/time and geographical extent of the run.

Each set of platform-specific tables also relates to the plot_map table and the htp_instrument table.

  • The plot_map table contains information about the geographical coordinates of each plot associated with an experiment (field).
  • The htp_instrument table contains information about cameras and sensors used on each platform.

The diagram below illustrates the generalized set of HTP tables and their relationships.

HTP Database Tables.png

PheMU HTP Database

HTP Database Table Structures

phemu_htp table