HTP Database Table Structure

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Table Name: phemu_htp
column data type constraints description
record_id integer Unique sequential integer A sequential number generated when record is inserted. Used as a synthetic primary key.
run_id text NOT NULL An ID used to identify a data collection run.
Format: <platform>_<start_date>_<start_time>_<end_date>_<end_time>
plot_id char(10) The name of the plot that the sensor observation is associated with.
Note that this may be null if the observation was taken in a position not over a plot.
sensor_id text
sensor_observation double(255,5) NOT NULL
position poin NOT NULL
absolute_sensor_position_x double(255,5) NOT NULL
absolute_sensor_position_y double(255,5) NOT NULL
absolute_sensor_position_z double(255,5) NOT NULL
sampling_time_utc time NOT NULL
sampling_date date NOT NULL
left_utc double(255,5) NOT NULL
left_elevation double(255,5) NOT NULL
left_long double(255,7) NOT NULL
left_lat double(255,7) NOT NULL
long_zone text NOT NULL
lat_zone text NOT NULL
left_utm_x double(255,5) NOT NULL
left_utm_y double(255,5) NOT NULL
right_utc double(255,5) DEFAULT NULL
right_elevation double(255,5) DEFAULT NULL
right_long double(255,7) DEFAULT NULL
right_lat double(255,7) DEFAULT NULL
right_utm_x double(255,5) DEFAULT NULL
right_utm_y double(255,5) DEFAULT NULL
sensor_offset_x_from_left_gps double(255,5) DEFAULT NULL
sensor_offset_y_from_left_gps double(255,5) DEFAULT NULL
sensor_offset_z_from_left_gps double(255,5) DEFAULT NULL
note longtext