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The High-Throughput Phenotyping database consists of a set of platform-specific tables for each data collection platform: pheMU, phenocart and phenocam. Each platform has an images table, an htp table and a run table.

  • The images table stores metadata about the images that were collected during each data collection run.
  • The htp table stores metadata about sensor measurements (observations) that were collected during each run.
  • The run table stores information about each data collection run such as date/time and geographical extent of the run.

Each set of platform-specific tables also relates to the plot_map table and the htp_instrument table.

  • The plot_map table contains information about the geographical coordinates of each plot associated with an experiment (field).
  • The htp_instrument table contains information about cameras and sensors used on each platform.

The diagram below illustrates the generalized set of HTP tables and their relationships.

HTP Database Tables.png