Connecting to the Database

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There are two ways to connect to the database:

  1. Command line
  2. GUI software

This guide will show you how to connect in the second way (GUI software). There are many GUI software applications available. We will use MySQL Workbench.

Step 1
Request a username/password from the Poland Lab.

Step 2
Go to to download MySQL Workbench.

Step 3
Open the downloaded app and click on the plus sign next to "MySQL Connections." This will allow us to create and save our connection information for the database.

Make sure the following information is in the fields:

  • Connection Method: Standard (TCP/IP)
  • Hostname:
  • Port: 6306
  • Username: your-username
  • Password: your-password

Step 4
Once you are connected, click on the "Schemas" tab. You should see the database or list of databases that you have been given access to. Double-click the database name. Then double-click the "Tables." You should see a list of all the tables belonging to this database. You can now right-click on any table and select the "Select Rows" option. This will display the content of the table and also allow you to start querying the table using SQL.